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All around us we see the natural world in movement - birds swooping, trees rippling in the breeze, cats stretching. Qigong, (pronounced Chee-Gung) which means to work with our internal energy, formalises and makes conscious these natural movements, combines them with breathing and alignment of acupuncture points to create beautiful health-enhancing routines that are fun to perform and fascinating to watch.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese health skill. Regular practice of this soft, gentle, relaxing and therapeutic art will help to calm the mind and increase flexibility, co-ordination and the function of the internal organs. It helps to alleviate stress and many related ailments. 


The Norwich Chen Taiji School system of Qigong was created by Julian Wilde after 25 years study of the Chinese internal skills. The exercises and routines flow naturally and healthily to promote relaxation, suppleness, balance, and natural energy.

Taichi Cringleford

About Qigong

Students begin with a short set of  basic exercises, which lead to the longer, more complex dance-like forms.

The movements follow the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians and Yin-Yang theory.


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