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Taichi Cringleford

After a lifetime of training in and teaching unusual forms of dance, Debbie took up Taiji and Qigong in 2000. Debbie was already a qualified teacher of Margaret Morris Movement (stylised dance exercises from the 1920's) and an experienced teacher of Spanish Flamenco dance. She has also danced a lot of Modern Jive and Salsa, and plays racquet sports such as tennis, squash and badminton. She brings her vast knowledge, experience and understanding of the body in movement to her current teaching of Taiji and Qigong.

She has been training with her current teacher, Julian Wilde, of the Norwich Chen Taiji School since she started Taiji and Qigong in 2000.  She continues her studies weekly.

Debbie's students are all very loyal and committed. They frequently comment on what a good class it is and that they never want to miss it. No matter how unwell or stressed we feel when we arrive, we always leave the class looking and feeling better!

About Debbie Warren Green


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Telephone 077 4807 2102


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